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Curbside Service

I had to run another curbside errand out in Flowood and heard Table 100 has just reopened for curbside pick-up.  That made my lunch plans easy.  When you go to the Table 100 website a popup screen takes you right to where you can order online and set a time to pick it up.  Super easy! I got a phone call 15 minutes prior to my pick-up time, and it was the restaurant calling to say they had just run out of broccolini but listed out the other veggies to choose from.  Roasted cauliflower! They doubled my veggie order since they didn’t have my first choice.  I pull up to be greeted by a uniformed host who directed me to the designated pick-up spot.  As soon as I parked another employee approached to ask if I’d like water or sweet tea. Everyone was outfitted with masks and gloves to respect best practices of operating in our current world. You could see their smiles through their cool, black face masks as the curbside service was just as friendly and professional as you would expect and love inside Table 100.  My food came out quickly and they all waved goodbye as I drove away.  It was an incredible experience.  The smooth process and pure hospitality put me in a great mood as I drove home with the yummy smells of Table 100 percolating my taste buds.  I ordered the Jidori chicken, Beef tips special, French Dip, and Turkey Panini for a hungry family who decided to turn the meals into a buffet line because it all looked so good.  This was a brilliant decision because everything was amazing!!! I scored big points with the family, and it was so easy! 

Russell M. - April 24, 2020

Great flavor

Very good. I really like the smoked chicken. Good spices and always flavorful. The process was seamless, real easy. I may go by there for supper.

Stephen K. - April 26, 2020